Thirty years ago, Costa Rica hardly had the population of one and a half million inhabitants. Within the convulse Central American area with the burden of social and economic loads of a developing country, Costa Rica was not the best market place to start a large consulting firm. It was only because of the special historic and geographical differences of this small piece of land, that this country developed into an entirely different place compared to its neighbors and now days we enjoy sound economic, social and political standards.

Thirty years later with a population of four million inhabitants, Costa Rica is still not ready for a large consulting firm. That is probably the reason why most consulting firms, including ours, choose to remain small, with a low overhead and subcontract specialized services such as structural and electromechanical design. This has been the only way to cope with the ups and downs of demand without failure.

The small size of the market generates diversity of demand. In a country that jumped from agriculture to services, skipping industry, the diversity of requirements for a consulting firm is very wide, allowing the opportunity to venture in very different subjects without specialties in any specific one, except tourism in our case, since it is Costa Rica's optimum resource.

We are a small consulting firm and our clients are our best credentials. Obviously we have undergone all the changes that modern technology demands, from drawing boards to full-computerized systems and updating of professionals abroad.



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